cropped-TESLA2.gifNikola Tesla was way ahead of his time.  He was a contemporary of Thomas Edison, and argued for Alternating Current (AC) to be used in homes instead of Edison’s Direct Current (DC), and won. Tesla invented the neon tube, you know, the ones that get bent into all kinds of shapes and filled with different gases so they glow in any one of a rainbow of colors.  When Marconi invented the radio he used sixteen of Tesla’s patents.  It’s a Tesla coil that steps up the voltage that makes your spark plugs ignite the gasoline in today’s cars.  Tesla also discovered a way to transmit power wirelessly, not like the inductive chargers we use today for electric toothbrushes or handheld electronics, but a new type of wireless transfer that doesn’t lose its power by spreading out over vast distances.  When Tesla discovered a way to tap into an unlimited amount of energy, something physicists are only now beginning to grasp, he was pushed out of favor by the power brokers of his day.  The list of Tesla’s achievements is quite amazing, but like many geniuses he ran into the brick wall of big money and big government.  His lab was raided; his research seized and precious little survived his fall from grace.  He was discredited, called a quack and a fake and he and his work faded into obscurity, almost.

iStock_000002039690XSmallTesla understood energy on a different level than his contemporaries.  All energy contains information, and all information contains energy.  Information is a change in state, between on and off, ones and zeroes.  Without these changes this page would appear as all black or all white.  It’s the changes between black and white that create the information you are reading.  Where there is change there must be a frequency and frequency gives rise to vibrations.  Vibrations lead to resonance, which creates the harmony and chaos needed to create and sustain life.  Energy is needed to create the resonant vibrations that create music, radio waves, light, and heat and so on.  Energy is needed to transmit and receive and store this information.   Energy, frequency and information are the new trinity of physics.  We’re just now figuring out what Tesla understood a hundred years ago, and its implications are mind boggling.

I call it EFI, Energy Frequency Information.  It’s this trinity that is leading the way for solutions to so many of the challenges we’re facing as a people on this limited biosphere we call earth.  EFI has led to the creation of over-unity power generators, a machine that puts out more energy than it takes to keep it running.  This is what Tesla proposed a hundred years ago that led to his demise.  Alien Plasma PowerEFI is also creating new forms of energy medicine with the ability to cure diseases that have otherwise been incurable.  In America Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930’s and 40’s built such devices using Tesla’s neon tube and very high frequency radio waves to kill cancer cells without harming the patient. You can imagine where that ended up, in the same black hole as Tesla and many of his inventions.  In France Antoine Prioré from the 1950’s to the 1970’s developed energy medicine devices using electromagnetic waves to cure cancers, and was later discredited as well. EFI will also make possible anti-gravitational vehicles and Star Trek like transporters.

iStock_000005731298XSmallTesla’s EFI goes beyond Einstein’s relativity, Neil Bohr’s quantum mechanics and even Michael Green’s superstring theory.  I’ll explain how this works on a simple level.  Electricity and magnetism, along with gravity and mass, are primal forces of the universe, eternal and inseparable.  You cannot have electricity without magnetism, or gravity without mass, and vice-a-versa.  We’ll just focus on electricity and magnetism. When electricity passes through a conductor, like a wire, it creates a magnetic field around the wire.  When a magnet passes over a conductor, it creates electrical current.  This is the basic premise for all generators, from a handheld flashlight you shake to operate, to gigantic hydroelectric generators in dams.  And the current they generate is alternating. Where there is motion you simply cannot have one with the other, and everything in the universe is in some degree of motion.

rippleAlternating current is called a transverse wave, because it transverses back and forth around a zero point as it traverses through space.  Imagine the ripples on a pond the result from a pebble striking the surface, they travel outward from the source cresting above and dipping below the surface of the water.   But transverse waves are not the only type of electromagnetic waves that exist.  There are also standing waves.  You can see a standing wave when you pluck a guitar string, since it’s fixed at each end, there is no place for the vibrations to go and the string vibrates in place, creating a standing wave.

Interestingly, it’s the blocking of a transverse wave that turns it into a standing wave.  One way to creating a standing wave is by another transverse wave colliding head-on with it, in phase with the other wave and coming from the opposite direction. This also holds for transverse waves on water.  If two equal waves collide at the same point, such as crest to crest or trough to trough, the result looks like the waves stop at that point as they become standing waves.  In the case of electromagnetic waves the resulting standing wave is called a scalar wave and it has some very interesting properties, ones that operate outside of classical Newtonian physics and beyond those of quantum mechanics.  It’s these unique properties Tesla understood that make EFI so promising today and in the future.

Scalar FiledsUnlike electromagnetic transverse waves that lose their energy by spreading out like a cone, scalar waves don’t spread out as they travel through space, and don’t lose their energy.  Tesla created scalar waves and proposed using them for transmitting energy over vast distances without wires and with little or no loss.  But our appliances and electronic devices don’t operate on scalar waves; they need transverse waves to work.  Amazingly, when two scalar waves collide head-on their collision creates an electromagnetic transverse wave that can be used to power the electric devices we use today.

Physicists are discovering that the vacuum of space is not a vacuum at all, but a plenum of energy, scalar waves that can be harnessed and converted into transverse waves and put to work to power our homes and factories and even our vehicles.  That’s the premise of over-unity generators (see US Patent # 6,362,718 Motionless Electromagnetic Generator).  They are able to tap into this plenum of scalar waves and produce useful electric energy.

Another interesting property is that as scalar waves travel through space and time, they travel backwards in time.  It is theorized that one of the ways scalar waves can heal disease is because they regress diseased cells backwards in time to the point when they were healthy.  This has amazing implications for all aspects of healthcare and longevity.

In addition to Energy, there is Frequency and Information as well.  Frequency is the result of change occurring over time.  The electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom creates a vibration that can be measured, which we call a frequency.  Every atom has a unique resonant frequency, which varies based upon the strength of the magnetic field surrounding it.  The earth has its own magnetic field, which is about one-half of a Gauss, the typical unit used to measure magnetic strength.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, which is used in medicine to ‘see’ inside the body, uses this fact of each atom having a unique vibrational resonance at a given magnetic field in order to work.

iStock_000004410565XSmallAn MRI machine creates a very strong magnetic field, about 20,000 Gauss in strength, that’s 40,000 times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field.  Scientists use the unit of measure called a Tesla to refer to these higher magnetic fields, such that one Tesla is equal to 10,000 Gauss.  Yes, this is named after Nikola Tesla.  So, a typical MRI creates a magnetic field of 2 Teslas or more.  Imagine each atom in your body as a spinning top, each with a North and South Pole, all of them leaning and spinning in whichever direction they happen to be.  When a person is placed in an MRI machine the very powerful magnetic field causes all the atoms in your body to line up. All the atoms’ North Poles are straight up and all the electrons spin in the same direction.  It’s interesting that we don’t really notice any difference when this occurs, but this occurrence is crucial for the MRI to work.  MRIs rely on the fact that all the hydrogen atoms in your body have a resonant frequency of about 42 Million cycles per second (42 MHz) when placed in a 2 Tesla magnetic field.  Hydrogen atoms are used because hydrogen is plentiful in our bodies since we are mostly water and water is two hydrogen atoms bound with one oxygen atom.

In order to see inside the body the MRI transmits a short blast of radio energy at the precise resonant frequency of the hydrogen atoms in the 2 Tesla field.  When this happens only the hydrogen atomsMRI Radio Wave are knocked off their magnetic axis as they absorb some of the radio wave’s energy.  The MRI then turns off the radio transmitter and the hydrogen atoms that were knocked off their axis are pulled back in alignment.  As they snap back up they release the energy they absorbed which is in turn captured to create an image of the hydrogen atoms in that part of the body.  Multiple images are gathered and stitched together to create the final picture which is actually an image of the energy that was absorbed and returned by just the hydrogen atoms.

EnergizingJust as all the atoms in your body have a resonant frequency, so does every cell and organ.  Cancer cells, viruses, microorganisms and parasites have their own resonant frequencies as well.  It was these harmful cells that Dr. Royal Rife was attacking with his Tesla based device that he had tuned to kill cancer cells.  In June of 2008 Discover Magazine featured a short article about Arizona State University physicist Kong-Thon Tsen using similar resonant vibrations to kill viruses in human blood, including HIV.  The article explained that just as an opera singer can hit a note that can shatter a crystal glass, so can specific frequencies shatter the cell walls of viruses and this was how Dr. Tsen was able to destroy HIV cells.

Tesla’s insights into EFI have only recently been realized and are now being leveraged to bring us into a new awareness and convergence.  I’ve only touched upon some of the possibilities of Tesla’s technologies and haven’t even attempted to explain the implications with the Information portion of EFI.  For now it is sufficient to say that Energy powers the Frequencies that carry the Information to all things.  Energy and Frequency and Information are essential to life.  Nikola Tesla saw these connections and envisioned that man would some day tame space and time.  That time is upon us.

All matter has mass which has Energy based upon Einstein’s formula E = mc2. All matter has atoms, which have motion, which have vibrations and therefore resonance.  All vibrations have Frequencies which carry Information.  Thus all things are living and all things are connected.  We are a part of this dynamic resonant universe.